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How it works 


That’s the long and short of it - on average it’ll be 25% less expensive than installing tiles, and generally it’ll be even lower than that still. This is mainly because Mermaid panels and flooring do not require a specialist tiler. In addition to this Mermaid products last much longer than tiles, further saving on the full life cost. 


MouldEasy to Clean

We’re fed up of grout, it takes a long time to apply, it’s a nightmare to clean and after a while it just goes moldy. There’s no grout used with our products, so that means no more mold.



CalendarFaster Installation

Mermaid panels are so much quicker to fit than tiles you’ll save time and money. It also means you’ll be without your bathroom for a lot less time, which is great. 



A selection of our shower panels are now available in Microban
Antibacterial Coating. 
This is incorporated into the panel during the production process and means once bacteria comes into contact with the surface the bacteria basically die. Look out on the colours pages to see which panels are available.



Watertight Guarantee

The Mermaid panel system is guaranteed to remain watertight and waterproof for fifteen years from date of purchase. For full terms and conditions click here.




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