Laminate Panel Accessories

There are a number of other Mermaid products / accessories available that are either supplied as part of the kit or separately with non-kit Mermaid orders.


Attention to detail is important in any bathroom. Decorative Mermaid coving is the perfect finishing touch for where Mermaid panels meet the ceiling.

Manufactured in white PVC, Mermaid coving can be easily fitted in two parts with concealed fixings for a neat finish. Corner and end mouldings provide extra detail and will help complete the overall look of your new room.

  • Two-part coving
  • External corner moulding
  • Internal corner moulding
  • End cap


The internal and external corner profiles on Mermaid panels are a unique two-part profile system, which doesn't require a sealant. The design incorporates a PVC section on the rear and PVC colour-coordinated or polished chrome aluminium to the face. The two parts simply click together and a self-adhesive barrier tapes creates a watertight joint.

Conventional tile installations often result in leaks as the seal between the bath or shower tray and wall breaks down over time. The Mermaid Transeal bottom seal system accommodates movement, to ensure that this doesn’t happen. The patented profile and special formulation sealant allows shower trays to drop by up to 10mm and still remain watertight.

The outer edge of Mermaid panels can be fitted with an edging profile to give a neat coordinated finish, especially if they have been cut to size. They also enable you to neatly tile up to the edge of the panels, if you are using a combination in your room.

Home Owner Care Pack

Mermaid wall panels are easy to clean and just need wiping with a damp cloth so that they look as good as new. Unlike wallpaper or paint, which can peel or flake, and tiles, which can crack or chip, panels are durable and as long as cared for correctly they will last for many years.

To make life even easier, every kit is supplied with a Home Owner Care pack. This includes a high quality microfibre cloth, squeegee and instructions on how to keep your panels in pristine condition. These packs can also be purchased separately with non-kit Mermaid orders.

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