How We Build (Laminate Panels only)

We like to think we’ve got a factory of craftsmen, all skilled and all proud of what they send out. With very good reason.

Panorama of factory


Welcome to the jungle

Over the years we have worked out that there is a risk that the pre-bonded laminate may bow if the air is too dry, so using our moisture control system we maintain our factory at precise temperature and humidity levels. Although we’re proud of this innovation it does mean that the air in the factory is more akin to the rainforests of Borneo than the east coast of Scotland.





When making our panels, like most good things in life, timing is everything. Once the ply has had adhesive applied we have just eight minutes to get the laminated face applied then it’s rushed into the press. 16 Megapascals of force is then applied making sure both sides are perfectly bonded.




Sticky SituationSticky Situation

It’s taken us a while to work out the exact levels of adhesive required to perfectly bond our laminate to the plywood. Too much and it runs from the side, too little and it won’t work at all. The machine above places the laminate on the rollers after it’s dried. We know that it’s perfect because it’s picking the sheets up faultlessly.



Cutting ThroughCutting Through

After our panels are bonded, the edges are cut using our bespoke designed multi-headed routing machine, which produces a perfect square edge or locking joint. After rotating the panels through 180 degrees the top and bottom of the panels are also machined to produce the all important engineered bottom profile, this holds the extra sealant which ensures a perfect seal at the base of the panel.


Check pleaseCheck please

Despite the fact that we use our brand spanking new machine to apply the joint, when our panels have a tongue and groove applied our guys still check by hand to make sure the joint is perfect.

All our plywood is sourced from PEFC and FSC certified sustainable forests.

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