Laminate End Kit 

The Mermaid End Kit might be required in addition to a Shower or Wall Kit.

End KitThis depends on the type of installation. For example, it can be used in conjunction with a Wall Kit for walk-in shower enclosures or to continue panelling from alongside to the end of your bath.

If you are installing a three-sided shower enclosure, you will require an End Kit and a Shower Kit.

If you are installing a recessed bath, you will require two End Kits.

A colour-coordinated Click-Seal corner profile will be supplied with your kit and will ensure a neat, watertight finish. For smaller spaces, Mermaid panels can be cut to size with normal woodworking tools.

The Mermaid Transeal bottom system is supplied as standard with Wall Kits. This will accommodate movement between the bath or shower tray and the wall to ensure a leakproof finish. This patented profile and special formulation sealant allows shower trays to drop by up to 10mm and still remain watertight.

Please check before ordering that the size and shape of your shower tray is compatible with the Transeal bottom seal profile.

End Kits include:

  • One 900mm- or 1220mm-wide panel  (please specify at time of ordering)
  • One Click-Seal internal corner profile
  • One Transeal bottom seal profile
  • Sealux-N sealant
  • Multi-purpose adhesive

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