Laminate Wall Kit

Mermaid 600mm-wide bathroom panels can be used for full room installations.

Wall KitIdeally, this should be planned to ensure that the joins between the panels are symmetrical, particularly around windows and doors.

Bathroom panels – 2400mm x 600mm (nominal)*

For full room installations or walls greater than 1200mm in length

Mermaid Wall Kits should be selected for bathroom wall installations. One kit can cover a width of 1755mm. These can also be used in conjunction with End Kits for walk-in shower enclosures or to continue panelling the wall at the end of your bath. Please note that the bath must be fitted before the panels are installed. If they need to be cut, this can be done with normal woodworking tools.

The Mermaid Transeal bottom seal system is supplied as standard with Wall Kits. This will accommodate movement between the bath or shower tray and the wall to ensure a leakproof finish. This patented profile and special formulation sealant allows shower trays to drop by up to 10mm and still remain watertight.

Please check before ordering that the size and shape of your shower tray is compatible with the Transeal bottom profile.

Wall Kits include:

  • Three 585mm wide tongue and grooved panels
  • Two edging profiles
  • One Transeal profile
  • Two bottom seal end caps
  • Joint sealant
  • Sealux-N sealant
  • Multi-purpose adhesive
  • Mitre box to assist cutting
  • Home Owner Care pack

* Laminate Face = 585mm

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